Rubber Duck is a Danish sports fashion footwear brand that has taken the world by storm with its hip and colourful winter gear. Originated in the 80’s culture, jogging became popular; the need for a jogging shoe grow to enter the winter landscape. Therefore they invented a hybrid of a Moon Boot and a running shoe. SnowJoggers® was born. The most celebrated product, the Rubber Duck SnowJoggers, has become a winter must-have, spotted on celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Katherine Heigl, Paris Hilton, The Kardashian’s and One Direction, to name a few.
The Rubber Duck SnowJoggers is warm, cosy and smart. They have synthetic fur lining and an internal water-resistant membrane that ensures the boots are water-resistant. They are developed with a shock-absorbing FlexFoam midsole and the rubber ‘Duck Tread’ outsole for better traction and leave small duck prints in the snow.