Born British, raised up on the Streets of New York: Kangol today is a cultural fusion, taking the best of British heritage, the birth of Hip hop and mixing it with cutting edge street fashion. At its core, Kangol prides itself on producing innovative and quality products using many of the same techniques developed over 75 years ago when the brand was founded in Northern England in 1938 by Jacques Spreiregen – a Polish citizen. He started making berets for the English army. He made other things, too, like coffins, seat belts, and helmets (fun fact, Kangol is licensed to make shoes, clothes, even makeup in other countries), but hats are what stuck. Kangol’s unwavering commitment to its core values has garnered a unique and loyal following of fans worldwide, both young and old.
Everyone has a Kangol story. Those stories typically feature a celebrity as a sartorial reference point. For the older generations, Slick Rick and The Kangol Crew; for those a little younger, Run D.M.C.; and for those even more youthful, L.L. Cool J and Missy Elliot.