The roots of Victoria goes back to 1915, in a small village of La Rioja in Spain, Gregorio had the idea of creating a pair of plimsolls. Gregorio gave them his first lover’s name, his wife Victoria. During the last 100 years, Victoria have been collecting many different models and many people have worn Victoria on their feet.

Victoria’s footwear collection carries a wide range of styles from their recognizable laceless plimsoll to chunky platform trainers. With love and care, all Victoria shoes are constructed from rubber soles and canvas uppers that are simply versatile and practical for any everyday look.

The Spring/Summer collection focuses on sneakers that are cool and effortless. Metallics, glitter and leather uppers are an eye-catcher this season with bold graphic logos and careful detailing that define the brands craftsmanship.

We have always thought that in order to make love last for years, you should take care of it day by day. This philosophy has brought us to these days and it will make us continue for other hundred years.


First love is forever.

Victoria, made in Spain since 1915.