Thirty years ago, a group of passionate Swedish skiers decided to make the best ski wear in the world, called SOS, Sportswear of Sweden. Their motivation was high and the mission was clear: “There may be hundreds of manufacturers of ski clothing that sell several times the amount of clothes than SOS. This is how it should be. But if there is just one manufacturer anywhere in the world who makes better skiwear than we do, then we’ve done a bad job.”

SOS, who came to be known as the rebellious skiwear brand, with its provocative colour combinations, durable fabric and extremely good fit, attracted rebel skiers who understood the mental state necessary for extreme skiing, and who were attracted to SOS because of its outspoken design language. Now, a number of SOS ‘iconic designs are being relaunched in collaboration with Vernon Sport and Poyan Rahimzadeh, who was also the creative man behind Hi-tec’s success line HTS74, which can be found among tier 1 customers worldwide.