Kangol has always strived to bring you the very best in terms of comfort and style, which means more than just their wide range of popular Kangol hats and caps. An expansion of the iconic heritage brand was inevitable and directly related to developing and creating a powerful, unified brand narrative that reinforces and reintroduces Kangol as a cultural powerhouse. And so Kangol Apparel was born.

They strive to create a lifestyle brand that translates to the consumer and delivers an engaging experience. Kangol has always been and always will be for the culture from the beginning.
Kangol Apparel flawlessly captures the essence of cool streetwear vibes, with fresh updates on basic styles that stand out. Whether you’re all about cosy self-made looks, a new and fun style, or a casual look for any season or occasion, the Kangol clothing selection includes favourite pieces that are a reflection of your personality.
Kangol apparel is for the people, the streets, and a more fun and colourful world in any sense of the word.