The iconic bag company INVICTA was born in the UK in 1906 and moved their production to Italy in 1922 from thereon they produced backpacks and belt pouches for standard military equipment during the world war. The end of the war marked a period of great productivity and Invicta extended its range of sports equipment to include gloves, overshoes, and gaiters. And throughout the 60’s and 70’s the brand was very involved with gear for outdoor activities like mountain climbing and skiing. After its success on the slopes, Invicta decided to give a new boost to backpacks in the 80’s and the original “Jolly” underwent a transformation from a lightweight mountain pack to an urban icon of style and the Italian spirit. During the 90’s the brand grew into a household name and millions of people carried Invicta on their backs and the brand became a way for them to communicate their lifestyle.

Around the 00’s the brand continued to produce ever more innovative and better performing products, adapting its designs to changes within fashion trends, the evolution of the media and new personal needs for the consumers. With a focus on always evolving its products and collections with new projects looking to the future – Invicta celebrated their 110th anniversary with a limited edition in 2016. Fast forward to 2022 and the brand is still going strong with a very passionate mission to Reuse. Recycle. Reduce.