With roots in Italy, BALL was founded by Aldo Ciavatta in 1976. The brand rapidly became a European hit, but it wasn’t until Henri Fetter and Hans Gerhard Svarverud acquired the agency in Scandinavia that BALL grew explosively in the following years became a leader in the Scandinavian fashion world.
Hans Gerhard Svarverud, the charismatic and innovative partner of the brand, later became the company’s sole owner and mastermind behind the brand’s success.
In 1982 BALL revolutionized the game by launching the world’s first stonewash jeans bringing explosive sales all over. BALL was at it again when by launching Europe’s first printed sweat-shirt in y 1983, to go with the iconic jeans. Both BALL sweat-shirts and jeans were so popular that it was ripped off from all shelves, and the customers wanted more.
BALL was thriving up through the ’80s and ’90s. Unfortunately, Svarverud passed away in 1998 was, and the brand lost its soul, magic and innovative force without him. The company closed its doors a few years later.
After a 22-year break, BALL is back. With several months of research and review of hundred old photo albums, class photos, and vintage discontinued styles from 1976-1996, the Ball spirit Anno 2020 has been recreated, more modern, with a unique fit distinctive cut and more energetic attitude than ever.